Bench Beer Bottle Capper – The Perfect Tool for Homebrew Beer and Soft Drinks

Bench Beer Bottle Capper – The Perfect Tool for Homebrew Beer and Soft Drinks

“Sealing your homebrew beer or soft drinks has never been easier with the Bench Beer Bottle Capper. Its sturdy construction and adjustable height make it a must-have tool for any homebrewer or beverage enthusiast.”


Are you tired of struggling with flimsy bottle cappers that fail to provide a secure seal? Look no further! The Bench Beer Bottle Capper is here to revolutionize your homebrewing experience. This manual capping machine is designed to make the process of sealing your beer or soft drink bottles quick, easy, and efficient.


Heavy-Duty Metal Construction

The Bench Beer Bottle Capper is built to last. Made from high-quality metal, it can withstand the rigors of frequent use without losing its functionality. Say goodbye to cheap plastic cappers that break after a few uses.

Adjustable Height

One size does not fit all when it comes to bottle cappers. That’s why the Bench Beer Bottle Capper offers an adjustable height feature. With a range of 24-34cm, it can accommodate various bottle sizes, ensuring a perfect seal every time.

Non-Slip Base and Spring

Stability is crucial when capping bottles. The Bench Beer Bottle Capper features a non-slip base that keeps it firmly in place during the capping process. Additionally, the built-in spring provides the necessary pressure to create a tight seal without damaging the bottle or cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Bench Beer Bottle Capper suitable for both beer and soft drinks?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you’re a homebrewer or simply enjoy making your own soft drinks, this capping machine is perfect for both applications.

2. Can I use this capper with different bottle sizes?

Definitely! The adjustable height feature allows you to use the Bench Beer Bottle Capper with a wide range of bottle sizes, from small beer bottles to larger soft drink bottles.

3. Is the capping process easy to learn?

Absolutely! The Bench Beer Bottle Capper is designed for ease of use. Simply place the cap on the bottle, position the capper over it, and press down firmly. The non-slip base and spring mechanism will do the rest.


The Bench Beer Bottle Capper is the ultimate tool for homebrewers and beverage enthusiasts. Its heavy-duty construction, adjustable height, and non-slip base make it a reliable and efficient capping machine. Say goodbye to poorly sealed bottles and hello to professional-quality results. Get your Bench Beer Bottle Capper today and take your homebrewing experience to the next level!