Charcoal – Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal – 20kg

Charcoal – Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal – 20kg

Charcoal is an essential ingredient for any BBQ enthusiast. Our restaurant grade charcoal is perfect for all your outdoor cooking needs. With its large chunks and long burning capabilities, it will provide you with the perfect bed of coals for cooking delicious food.

Restaurant Grade Charcoal

Our 20kg bag of restaurant grade charcoal is designed to quickly and easily fire up your BBQ. Made from high-quality hardwood lumpwood, this charcoal ensures a consistent heat for barbecuing and grilling. Whether you’re cooking at home, in a restaurant, or for a professional catering event, our charcoal will meet your needs.

100% Natural

We take pride in offering pure and natural charcoal with no chemicals or toxins. Our charcoal enhances the flavor of your food with smokeless cooking. It is also sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy your BBQ knowing you’re making a responsible choice.

Easy to Light

Lighting our charcoal is a breeze. It ignites easily in all ceramic, egg, coal, and smoker barbecue types. Whether you’re using a kamado, grill, firepit, or pizza oven, our charcoal will get your cooking started in no time.

Next Day Delivery

Ordering from us means you’ll receive your charcoal quickly. We offer free next day delivery on every Logpile order. Our charcoal is handpacked with care in Hampshire, UK. Visit our website and search for Logpile to view our whole range of products at great prices.


When it comes to charcoal for your BBQ, choose the best. Our restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal provides the perfect heat and flavor for your outdoor cooking. With its large chunks and easy lighting capabilities, you’ll enjoy longer burning barbecues and delicious meals. Order now and experience the difference!