Full Soles Rubber Replacement DIY Repair

Full Soles Rubber Replacement DIY Repair

Are your shoe soles worn out and in need of replacement? Look no further! Our full soles with classic pattern design and high-quality rubber are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide excellent anti-slip properties, but they are also hard-wearing and durable, ensuring your walking safety.

DIY Repair Made Easy

Our full soles are designed for DIY shoe repair. They can be easily cut according to your shoe size, making the replacement process a breeze. No need to spend extra money on professional repairs when you can do it yourself!

Available in Black and White

We offer our full soles in two commonly used colors: black and white. Choose the color that matches your shoes and give them a fresh new look.

Size and Thickness

Our full soles measure 325*125mm and have a thickness of 4.5mm. This ensures a perfect fit and long-lasting performance.

Comfortable Walking Experience

Once you’ve repaired your shoes with our full soles, you’ll notice a significant improvement in comfort while walking. The high-quality rubber provides just the right amount of hardness for a comfortable and enjoyable walking experience.


Don’t let worn-out shoe soles ruin your day. With our full soles rubber replacement, you can easily repair your shoes and make them look and feel brand new. Say goodbye to slippery and uncomfortable walking surfaces. Try our DIY repair solution today!