Half A Day Bliss Pig Tea Pet

This ceramic Kung Fu tea set includes a mini type tea set, pet ornaments, and is handmade with lucky boutique accessories.

Tea Art Tea Pet

This tea pet is a beautiful addition to any tea set, adding an artistic touch to your tea drinking experience.

Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set

This Kung Fu tea set is made of high-quality ceramic, perfect for brewing and serving traditional Chinese tea.

Mini Type Tea Set Pet Ornaments

These mini tea set pet ornaments are a charming and unique way to decorate your tea set.

Boutique Lucky Handmade Kung Fu Tea Set Accessories

These handmade accessories are carefully crafted and bring good luck to your tea drinking ritual.

Bliss Pig Tea Set

The Bliss Pig tea set is a must-have for any tea enthusiast, adding a touch of whimsy to your tea time.