Kids Sleeping Bag for Boys & Girls – Product Description

Kids Sleeping Bag for Boys & Girls

Introducing our Kids Sleeping Bag for Boys & Girls – a glow in the dark sleeping bag perfect for kids ages 3 and above. This large sleeping bag comes with a pillow pocket and is extra soft, providing ultimate comfort for your little ones.


Glow in the Dark

The Kids Sleeping Bag for Boys & Girls features a unique glow in the dark design. The fun patterns and colors come to life when the lights go out, creating a magical sleeping experience for your child.

Large Size

With dimensions of 66” x 33″, this sleeping bag is spacious enough to accommodate kids of all sizes. Whether they want to stretch out or curl up, there’s plenty of room for them to get comfortable.

Pillow Pocket

The built-in pillow pocket ensures that your child’s pillow stays in place throughout the night. No more waking up with a pillow on the floor!

Extra Soft

We understand the importance of a good night’s sleep for your child. That’s why our sleeping bag is made from extra soft materials, providing a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the sleeping bag machine washable?

Yes, the Kids Sleeping Bag for Boys & Girls is machine washable. Simply follow the care instructions provided to keep it clean and fresh.

2. Can this sleeping bag be used for outdoor camping?

While this sleeping bag is primarily designed for indoor use, it can also be used for light outdoor camping. However, please note that it may not provide the same level of insulation as specialized camping sleeping bags.

3. What age range is this sleeping bag suitable for?

This sleeping bag is suitable for kids ages 3 and above. The spacious size ensures that it can be used for several years as your child grows.


Our Kids Sleeping Bag for Boys & Girls is the perfect sleep accessory for your little ones. With its glow in the dark design, large size, pillow pocket, and extra soft materials, it provides the ultimate comfort and fun for bedtime. Give your child the gift of a magical sleeping experience with our Kids Sleeping Bag!