Laser Measurement Tool – MILESEEY

Laser Measurement Tool – MILESEEY

Notice: MiLESEEY laser measurement tool is laser class 2 and laser type 635nm, output <1mW.

The MILESEEY Laser Measurement Tool with APP is a versatile device that allows you to achieve real-time data transfer and extended memory. With the “smart life” app, you can save and remark up to 1000 sets of data. Additionally, the app enables you to create your own 2D floor plan sketch or draw on pictures, making it ideal for construction, industry, and home use.

Accurate and Efficient

The MILESEEY Laser Measurement Tool offers an impressive accuracy of ±2mm. It features an improved electronic angle sensor, providing higher accuracy and faster angle measurements compared to bubble level meters. The electronic angle is displayed in real-time, making it easier to find the horizontal direction. The tool also offers self-calibration for even more precise measurements.

Unique Functions

The high precision laser head component of the MILESEEY Laser Measurement Tool allows for quick and accurate measurements in just 0.5 seconds. It offers two unique functions: auto level and auto height. The auto level function calculates the hypotenuse, horizontal distance, and vertical height automatically. The auto height function measures only two hypotenuses, with the vertical height calculated automatically. Additionally, the tool can automatically calculate area and volume with just one button operation.

Practical Multiple Measurements

The MILESEEY Laser Measurement Tool is capable of various measurements. It has a measurement accuracy of ±0.2mm and can automatically calculate area, volume, and distance. It also supports continuous measurement and the Pythagorean method using three points. This tool is widely used in home decoration, especially in large areas such as apartments, buildings, real estate, factories, warehouses, and the construction and industrial sectors.

Unit Switch & Data Records

The MILESEEY Laser Measurement Tool allows you to switch between units freely, including M, FT, IN, and FT + IN. It also has a convenient data record feature, storing up to 30 sets of data for verification and calculation purposes. The tool is designed to be portable, non-slip, and pocket-sized. It also has an automatic shutdown feature to save power after 180 seconds of inactivity.

24 Months + International Certificate

The MILESEEY Laser Measurement Tool comes with a 24-month warranty and international certification. It includes one distance measuring laser and two 1.5V AAA batteries.