Mavi Heavy Duty Metal Folding Bed

Mavi Heavy Duty Metal Folding Bed

If you are in search of a good quality steel folding bed for residential or commercial purposes, we have just the right product for you. Diligently manufactured with the best quality material and under expert supervision, our steel bed in Silver Color is an ideal pick for children’s room, master bedroom, and hostel room. It has a minimalistic design hence it can easily suit any interior setting. Cover it up with a mattress and you are all set to have a relaxing sleep.



Folding beds usually have a lightweight steel frame, which provides durability and stability. The steel frame is designed to be foldable for easy storage and portability.


Portable single folding beds are generally designed for a single adult sleeper. The dimensions can vary, but they are typically around width 90 x Height 41 x length 190 centimeters.


The steel frame of the bed provides support for the sleeper. Some models may have additional support legs or crossbars to enhance stability and weight capacity.


One of the key features of a folding bed is its portability. They are designed to be easily folded and stored when not in use. Many folding beds also come with wheels or casters for convenient transportation.


Folding beds typically require minimal assembly. They usually come pre-assembled, with the folding mechanism in place. You may need to attach the wheels or casters, depending on the model.


The Mavi Heavy Duty Metal Folding Bed is a perfect solution for limited space. Its easy storage and portability make it an ideal choice for residential or commercial use. With its durable construction and minimalistic design, it can easily fit into any interior setting. Get yourself a Mavi Folding Bed and enjoy a relaxing sleep!