Ohuhu 36 Skin-Tone Colors Alcohol Markers

Ohuhu 36 Skin-Tone Colors Alcohol Markers

Enhance your coloring illustrations with the Ohuhu 36 Skin-Tone Colors Alcohol Markers. These double-tipped sketch art markers are perfect for students and adults.


36 Gorgeous Skin-Tone Colors

Hard to draw flesh, skin, or hair shades with ordinary markers? Now you can get the 36 skin-tone markers at Ohuhu to better your project with a higher level. With these highly pigmented art pens, you can draw any desired natural hue easily!

Chisel & Fine, Double-Tip

Widen your artistic horizons with the dual-tip marker design! Broad and fine twin tips for precise highlighting and underlining, for drawing with both thin and thick lines. Allows you to create various styles, sketches, and patterns with ease.

Easy Blending, No Smudging

Forget about blotchy, uneven coloring. High-quality ink blends seamlessly to achieve beautiful coloring effects, even for beginners. Plus, your artwork will never fade or smudge with time.

Alcohol-Based Ink, Dries Instantly

Never let wet ink ruin your work again! Draw smudge-free thanks to its fast-drying, alcohol-based formula.

Color-Coded Caps & Bonus Case

The color-coded caps allow for ease in organization and use in identifying colors. Additionally, this marker pen set is equipped with a beautiful black carrying case for ease in traveling and storing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these markers be used on different types of paper?

Yes, these markers can be used on various types of paper, including sketchbooks, cardstock, and watercolor paper.

2. Are these markers refillable?

No, these markers are not refillable. However, they have a long-lasting ink supply.

3. Can I use these markers for professional illustrations?

Absolutely! These markers are suitable for both professional and amateur artists.


The Ohuhu 36 Skin-Tone Colors Alcohol Markers are a must-have for anyone interested in coloring illustrations. With their wide range of skin-tone colors and dual-tip design, these markers offer endless possibilities for artistic expression. The high-quality alcohol-based ink ensures smooth blending and quick drying, while the color-coded caps and bonus carrying case add convenience and organization to your art supplies. Whether you’re a student or an adult, these markers will take your coloring projects to the next level.