Paul Mitchell MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream – Product Description

Paul Mitchell MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream

Are you tired of having thin and lifeless hair? Do you dream of achieving a fuller and more voluminous look? Look no further than the Paul Mitchell MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream. This innovative product is designed to enhance the thickness of your hair, giving you the confidence to rock any hairstyle.

Medium Hold, Low Shine

The MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream offers a medium hold, allowing you to style your hair with ease. Whether you prefer a sleek and polished look or a messy and textured style, this cream provides the perfect balance of hold and flexibility. Say goodbye to stiff and unnatural hairstyles!

Additionally, the low shine formula ensures that your hair looks effortlessly natural. No more greasy or overly glossy finishes. With the MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream, your hair will have a subtle and healthy sheen that enhances its overall appearance.

For All Hair Types

Regardless of your hair type, the MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream is suitable for everyone. Whether you have fine, straight hair or thick, curly locks, this cream will work wonders for you. It is specially formulated to add volume and thickness to any hair texture, giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles.

How to Use:

  1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of the cream onto your palms.
  3. Evenly distribute the product throughout your hair, focusing on the roots and mid-lengths.
  4. Style your hair as desired using your preferred tools.
  5. For additional hold, apply a small amount of the cream to dry hair.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Q: Can I use the MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream on colored hair?
  2. A: Yes, this cream is safe to use on colored hair. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that may strip or fade your hair color.

  3. Q: Will the cream make my hair feel heavy or weighed down?
  4. A: No, the MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream has a lightweight formula that adds volume without weighing down your hair. Your hair will feel natural and bouncy.

  5. Q: Can I use this cream on damp hair?
  6. A: Yes, it is recommended to apply the cream on towel-dried hair for best results. The product will distribute more evenly and provide better hold.


Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair with the Paul Mitchell MITCH Calibrate Thickening Cream. This medium hold, low shine cream is suitable for all hair types and will give your hair the volume and thickness it deserves. Achieve a natural and voluminous look with ease. Try it today and transform your hair game!