Stand Steady Attachable Desk Wheels | Set of 4 Locking Casters | Easy-Roll and Non-Marring | Full Swivel Wheels Compatible with Tranzendesk Standing Desks (2 Inch/Black)

Stand Steady Attachable Desk Wheels

Make any Tranzendesk mobile with the Stand Steady easy-attaching wheels!

With this four pack of wheels, your desk can securely and quietly move around any workspace with ease. The 360掳 swivel allows for quick and easy maneuvering around your home or office while 2鈥?locking casters keep your desk fixed in its spot while you work.

Features We Love

  • Quiet and Smooth Roll
  • Non-Marring
  • Locking Casters
  • 360掳 Swivel
  • Easy Attachment
  • Compatible with Any Manual Stand Steady Tranzendesk

Product Specifications

  • 2鈥?Diameter
  • Includes Four Locking Wheels
  • Compatible with Any Manual Stand Steady Tranzendesk. Not compatible with electric Tranzendesks.

About this item

COMPATIBLE WITH TRANZENDESKS: These easy-glide wheels are the perfect add-on accessory to your manual Stand Steady Tranzendesk! OTOOLWORLD High Quality Metal Watch Big Movement Holder Not compatible with electric Tranzendesks

SMOOTH & SILENT: The non-marring wheels are safe for all floor types – while remaining silent! Easily move your desk around your home or office without causing damage to your flooring

FULL 360掳 SWIVEL: Move your desk around your workspace without breaking a sweat.! The fully rotating desk wheels make maneuvering your Tranzendesk a breeze

EASY ATTACHMENT: Make your Tranzendesk mobile in minutes with these easy-attaching wheels. Simply remove the leveling feet and replace with the Stand Steady wheels

SECURE LOCKING CASTERS: All four wheels lock with ease, so you can be sure that your desk is secure while you work

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can these wheels be used on other standing desks?
  2. These wheels are specifically designed for use with the Stand Steady Tranzendesk. They may not be compatible with other standing desks.

  3. Do these wheels work on carpeted floors?
  4. Yes, the non-marring wheels are safe for all floor types, Allimy Women Summer Casual Short Sleeve V Neck Chiffon Blouses Tunics Tops XXL Red including carpeted floors.

  5. How do I attach these wheels to my Tranzendesk?
  6. Attaching the wheels is easy. Simply remove the leveling feet from your Tranzendesk and replace them with the Stand Steady wheels.


The Stand Steady Attachable Desk Wheels are a great addition to your Tranzendesk. With their easy attachment and secure locking casters, you can make your desk mobile in minutes. The smooth and silent roll, along with the 360掳 swivel, allows for effortless maneuvering around your workspace. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, these wheels provide the flexibility and convenience you need.