The Bottle Depot – Colored Glass Bottles With Dropper

The Bottle Depot – Colored Glass Bottles With Dropper

With our colored finish, you鈥檒l be safeguarding your serums and oils from harmful sunlight exposure, as well as bright LED and fluorescent lighting! And, the elegant style compliments labels of all colors and designs, so they鈥檙e perfect for businesses who understand that first impressions matter! Each sturdy bottle is made for 30 ml of liquid and features a glass dropper with a black collar and bulb. The full 24 bottle collection ensures you鈥檒l be ready as quickly as your formula is! Add a pack, two or three to your cart now!

High-Quality Glass Dropper Bottles

Made durable with thick glass; this is the exact bottle you need for your herbal remedy or essential oil business! They look chic, but more importantly, they preserve your valuable formulas from sunlight to prevent oxidization!

Convenient Droppers for Essential Oils

Masterfully blend compounds and mixtures then capture the aroma and healing properties in the best 1 oz dropper bottles available! They鈥檙e so easy for consumers to use to apply drops of oils and liquids.

Effective and Strong Eye Dropper Style Applicator

Efficiently draws the liquid up the glass tube, which features the measurement marking for .5ml and 1.0ml, then drop gently from the tip as the bulb is pressed.

Purchase in Volume to Save Money

When your business experiences exponential growth, be ready! Be impressed by our well-packaged tincture bottles with droppers.

Stock Up Now and Craft Your Perfect Blend

From fine perfumes to superior anti-aging wrinkle serums, we have what you need to store and sell your formulations!

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Bulk 24 pack
  • 1 oz cobalt blue glass bottles
  • With dropper
  • Wholesale quantity for essential oils and serums
  • Pretty finish to protect and preserve quality

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many milliliters can each bottle hold?

Each bottle can hold 30 ml of liquid.

2. Are the droppers easy to use?

Yes, the droppers are designed for easy application of drops of oils and liquids.

3. Can I purchase these bottles in bulk?

Yes, you can purchase the bulk 24 pack to save money.


Protect and preserve the quality of your essential oils and serums with our bulk 24 pack 1 oz cobalt blue glass bottles with dropper. The colored finish not only safeguards your products from harmful sunlight exposure but also adds an elegant touch to your packaging. The high-quality glass bottles are durable and prevent oxidization. The convenient droppers make it easy for consumers to apply drops of oils and liquids. Purchase in volume to save money and be prepared for your business’s growth. Stock up now and craft your perfect blend!