Universal Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel

Universal Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel

Reduce eye strain and protect your monitor with the Universal Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel. Compatible with 20-22 inch monitors, this screen protector filters out blue light and UV light, ensuring image clarity and reducing eye fatigue. Easy to install and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


Reduces Eye Strain

Reduce Eye Strain and associated discomfort by reducing your exposure to UV and blue light. Our blue light blocking screen protector filters out up to 61% of blue light and up to 99% of UV light to help minimize eye fatigue. The Blue Light Screen Protector doesn’t have an Anti-Glare function.

Blocks Blue Light & UV Light

5-Layer Design of our blue light filter reduces the effects of blue light waves from 420-460 nanometers. An optically transparent adhesive layer and transmittance of at least 85% ensure image clarity without pixelation.

Ideally Compatible

Universally Compatible with all 20″-22″ (20″, 20.2″, 21.5″, 21.6″, 22″) monitors. Actual Filter Size: Width: 19.3 inches (490mm), Height: 12.5 inches (317mm). This versatile blue light protector for computer monitors is engineered to be ideally compatible with HP, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, LG, ViewSonic, and other monitor brands. It is even removable and reusable if you buy a new monitor.

Protects Your Monitor

Extend Monitor Longevity by protecting your screen from scratches and dirt. Acting as an outer layer on your monitor, our computer screen protector keeps it free of dust. It comes with its own soft microfiber cleaning wipe.

Easy To Install

Mounts Easily in seconds without tools or hardware. Peel the matte protective film away from both sides of the blue light screen protector. Then position the turned edge over the monitor top.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Your blue light screen is protected under our lifetime replacement guarantee and if anything happens we will send you a new screen at absolutely no cost. You can relax worry-free, knowing you can rely on the help of Vintez Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this screen protector compatible with my monitor?

Yes, the Universal Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel is compatible with all 20″-22″ monitors.

2. Does this screen protector reduce eye strain?

Yes, this screen protector filters out up to 61% of blue light, reducing eye strain and associated discomfort.

3. Can I reuse this screen protector if I buy a new monitor?

Yes, this screen protector is removable and reusable, allowing you to use it on your new monitor.


The Universal Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel is a must-have for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer monitor. By reducing eye strain and protecting your monitor from scratches and dirt, this screen protector ensures a comfortable and clear viewing experience. With its easy installation and lifetime replacement guarantee, you can trust Vintez Technologies to provide the best protection for your monitor.