X-SHOT Excel Golden Combo Pack

X-SHOT Excel Golden Combo Pack

Are you ready for the ultimate blaster experience? Look no further than the X-SHOT Excel Golden Combo Pack. This combo pack includes the Golden Hawk Eye, Reflex 6, and Double Kickback blasters, along with 6 cans and 48 darts, providing endless fun for kids and adults alike.


Pull to Prime Mechanism

The Golden Hawk Eye and Reflex 6 blasters feature a pull to prime mechanism, making it easy for users to get ready for action in no time.

Dual Ammo System

These blasters are equipped with a dual ammo system, allowing users to fire both discs and darts. With a special rotating double barrel system, your opponents won’t know what hit them!

Auto Rotating Barrel

The Double Kickback blaster features an auto rotating barrel, adding an extra element of surprise and excitement to every battle.

Recoil Function

Experience realistic recoil with the Reflex 6 blaster, adding to the thrill of each shot fired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this combo pack suitable for?

The X-SHOT Excel Golden Combo Pack is suitable for kids aged 8 and above, as well as adults who are young at heart.

Are the blasters easy to use?

Yes, the blasters feature user-friendly mechanisms, making them easy to use for both beginners and experienced blaster enthusiasts.

Can additional darts and discs be purchased separately?

Yes, additional darts and discs are available for purchase separately, allowing users to stock up on ammo for extended play.


The X-SHOT Excel Golden Combo Pack offers an exhilarating blaster experience for all ages. With its versatile blasters, dual ammo system, and additional features such as auto rotating barrels and recoil function, this combo pack is sure to provide endless hours of fun and excitement. Get ready to take your blaster battles to the next level with the X-SHOT Excel Golden Combo Pack!