Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box | Newborn Footprint Kit, Baby Memory Book, Baby Milestone Cards, Memory Organizer Envelopes & Tooth Fairy Storage in A Large Keepsake Box

Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box

Preserve your baby’s precious memories with the Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box. This unique and innovative product is designed to securely store mementos from your little one’s first year, ensuring that those cherished tokens are protected for a lifetime of reminiscing.

Organized & Spacious

Our extra-large baby memory box features multiple compartments, canvas pouches, glass tubes, and kraft string envelopes, keeping all your keepsakes organized and easily accessible. No more searching through drawers or boxes to find that special item. With our Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box, everything is neatly stored in an inviting fashion.

Capture Milestones

Every milestone is a precious moment that deserves to be remembered. With the included 16 double-sided baby milestone cards, you can track your baby’s growth and record 32 milestones. From their first smile to their first steps, these milestone cards are a beautiful way to document your baby’s journey. And with the 60-page memory book, you can write down all the special memories and moments that you want to cherish forever.

Cherish Prints Forever

One of the most adorable ways to preserve your baby’s memories is by creating foot and handprint impressions. With the clean-ink stamp set included in the Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box, you can safely and easily create these impressions. The prints will be preserved for years to come, serving as a beautiful reminder of how tiny and precious your baby once was.

Give Back to Charity

By purchasing the Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box, you are not only preserving your baby’s memories but also making a difference in the lives of others. A portion of our profits is donated to ICFON, an organization that helps Nepalese families escape extreme poverty. So, while you enjoy the premium quality and functionality of our baby keepsake box, you are also supporting a good cause.


The Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box is the perfect solution for preserving your baby’s precious memories. With its organized and spacious design, milestone cards, memory book, and clean-ink stamp set, this keepsake box offers everything you need to create a lifetime of cherished memories. And by purchasing this product, you are not only investing in your own family’s memories but also giving back to those in need. Get your Yunioo Baby Keepsake Box today and start preserving those precious moments!